Catering Services


We provide professional catering services to the public and private sectors.

Treatment facilities

In treatment facilities we pay much attention to a healthy and balanced nutrition. We offer individual menus, made according to individual requirements or medical advice.

Educational institutions

In educational institutions we ensure a balanced nutrition for the youngest members of our society according the requirements of effective laws of the Republic of Lithuania regulating hygiene of foodstuffs.




Event catering service

Entrusting us with organization of your planned banquets you save your time and money, surprise your guests and colleagues with new, never experienced tastes, and amaze the closest friends with variety of their favourite dishes.

The cafe network

The cafe network “Lunch house” in Vilnius, Mažeikiai, Visaginas and Ignalina. Every day many employees from surrounding companies and organizations eat here or order takeaways, so we provide fast service, cheap and satiated food. 

Catering services for airline

We organize catering services for three airline passengers. We supply meals for airline passengers during flights. We are experienced and able to offer flexible and high-quality service.

Why choose us

  • Experience. Extensive experience which provides opportunity to discover the best solutions for each situation.
  • Investments.We invest in renewal of production facilities and technological equipment.
  • Price.Competitive price and quality ratio.
  • Flawless menus. For state institutions we prepare menus according to doctors’, nutritionists’ appointed diets and recommendations from professionals. In order to satisfy the most refined tastes, the menus for private clients are formed by recognized master chefs.
  • Saving. You save your time and money on catering administration expenses.
  • Flexibility.We work flexibly and promptly resolve customer requests.
  • Maintenance and quality. In order to ensure the highest quality of services we have implemented four quality management standards accepted at international level.