Health institutions

We pay great attention to a healthy and balanced diet. In order to ensure a complete and balanced diet for patients, we prepare food according to coordinated menus, following the diets and recommendations prescribed by doctors and nutritionists.

Educational institutions

We ensure that the catering service meets all the requirements of the legislation governing children’s nutrition.
Maitinimas ugdymo įstaigose

Lunch cafes and lunch restaurants

UAB “Handelshus” catering departments feed several thousand employees every day – UAB “Visagino linija” (~800 employees), AB “Orlen Lietuva” (~400 employees), LRT cafe (~200 employees), the NATO detachment of the American army (~600 people) ), aircraft employees and passengers (AVION express, GetJet and others).
Many employees of surrounding institutions and organizations eat in our cafes and lunch restaurants every day and buy food to take away. Fast service is guaranteed by the electronic self-service order submission system. Entrusting staff catering to us will save you a lot of hassle associated with the management and administration of this service.

Banquet organization services

Entrusting us to organize the feasts of the planned party, you save your time and money, every time you delight your guests or colleagues with new, untried flavors, and you surprise your closest friends with the variety of their favorite dishes lined up on the table.
Pobūvių organizavimo paslaugos
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Aircrafts catering

We provide professional in-flight catering services. Among the clients were/are Small Planet, Wizzair, Get Jet, Avion airlines, passengers and employees of private planes. Myls aero division was created to take care of the passengers.
Professional equipment from recognized European manufacturers, modern technological processes and an experienced team of qualified employees allow us to serve passengers during the flight, preparing several thousand meal sets every day.

Why choose us?


Experience allows you to discover the best solutions in every situation.


We are constantly investing in new technologies, employee training, and equipment.

Attractive price

We offer a competitive price-quality ratio to our customers.


Perfectly prepared menus for public companies and the private sector.


We work flexibly and promptly address all customer requests.

Food quality

We ensure high quality of food by using only fresh and quality products.


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Wholesale and retail trade

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Catering services

Public catering:

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Organization of banquets and parties:

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Aircrafts catering services:

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For customers:

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